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I did it….finally!!

Published on November 9, 2011 By keizertraining

Here I am finally completing full muscle ups! This was a goal of mine a few years ago but I have only been training seriously for the past few months trying to achieve these! The first part of the video is a heavy chin up, the reason for these is to buid some strength! My […]

Example Routine #1

Published on April 24, 2011 By keizertraining

A lot of my clients ask me what kind of workout routines I personally do, so I thought that instead of telling them I would show them! This particular routine I would do three full rounds with no rest for time. Variables to increase or decrease the difficulty would include amount or reps and resistance. […]

Why Your Exercise Routine Isn’t Working

Published on July 16, 2010 By keizertraining

Something isn’t quite right about your exercise routine. You’re about to find out what it is. You don’t go to the gym to hang out. You’re there to get fit, to feel better, and to gain more energy to get through your stressful day. So why is it not working? Here are a few common […]

Why Weight Training Matters

Published on July 6, 2010 By keizertraining

It’s not just for good looks. Your heart needs oxygen, so you do aerobics and cardio. But you should also add in some weight training to your routine. No, lifting weights isn’t just a way to beef up your pecs and make your thighs harder than granite (though weight lifting is a great way to […]