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Your Best Boot Camp Pre-Workout Meals

Published on October 23, 2010 By keizertraining

If you’re all ready to get started with boot camp training, it’s vital that you’re putting some serious thought and consideration into what you’re going to eat beforehand.  By fueling your body properly using good nutrition about half an hour to one hour before the boot camp is to begin, you can rest assured that […]

Can Exercise Be Fun?

Published on July 27, 2010 By keizertraining

Or are kids the only ones who get to smile while getting fit? Everybody wants to have fun. It’s relaxing, stimulating, and downright well…fun! So what is it about exercise that seems to make adults stand up straight and pull out their serious faces? Shouldn’t exercise be fun for you just like it is for […]

Benefits of Personal Training

Published on June 20, 2010 By keizertraining

If you are like most people, you will tell yourself that you can go at getting healthier and fitter alone. You figure you can find everything you need on the internet. You will end up buying some simply wrote exercise program coupled with an even simpler wrote nutrition program and maybe even sign up at […]