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Your Best Boot Camp Pre-Workout Meals

Published on October 23, 2010 By keizertraining

If you’re all ready to get started with boot camp training, it’s vital that you’re putting some serious thought and consideration into what you’re going to eat beforehand.  By fueling your body properly using good nutrition about half an hour to one hour before the boot camp is to begin, you can rest assured that […]

Why Boot Camp Workouts Trump Regular Workouts

Published on September 2, 2010 By keizertraining

Thinking of joining a boot camp?  Or, are you simply curious about what these sessions have to offer that your regular gym workout doesn’t?  If the truth is told boot camp workouts offer numerous advantages over you plain old gym sessions and by not taking part in them, you really are missing out on a […]

Five Ways To Prep For Your Boot Camp

Published on August 30, 2010 By keizertraining

After you’ve made the decision to join a boot camp class, it’s going to be very vital that you’re taking the time to plan out what you’ll do right beforehand to ensure that you’re getting on track to seeing optimum progress. Let’s go over five things that you should be focused on right before you […]