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Motion Logo KPT RecommendsHave You Ever Thought About Chiropractic Treatment?

If you are a client of mine, chances are good I may have recommended that you go see Dr. Marcy Kimpton at Motion Chiropractic already!

In my personal opinion, if you are serious about  improving your health physically and mentally then Chiropractic treatment should be a high priority item on your list of things to do. But to be honest, not all Chiropractors are created equal, I have been to a few different ones but never received the results and attention that I have from Dr. Kimpton.

Even as a Personal Trainer, I still need someone to help keep me healthy so I can continue to help others stay healthy!

If your looking for a Chiropractor, I personally recommend you go to Motion Chiropractic for service and results that are gauranteed to please!

Pleae click on the Logo and be redirected to the Motion Chiropractic website.


My Personal Recommendation When It Comes To Hiring A Realtor

I’m not sure what kind of experience you have had with a Realtor in the past but let me tell you about mine!

When looking for a Realtor, one would be looking for someone who is honest, polite, caring and has your best interests in mind. Am I right? Well that’s exactly what you will get in a Realtor if you go with Wayne Daniels. I have sold and bought a house with Wayne’s assistance and I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. Wayne was extremely courteous and thoughtful to the needs that my wife and I had (we can be a little picky at times!) And is very knowledgeable about the real estate market. He will help guide you in the right direction every time!

If you are in the market for a Realtor, I suggest you call Wayne ASAP. You will not be disappointed!


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