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Healthy Foods That Derail Your Progress


Healthy Foods That Derail Your Progress – Dieter Beware!



If you’re on a weight loss diet plan, there’s no question that you’ve taken the time to plan out your calorie intake and likely also determined exactly how much protein, carbs, and fats you should be taking in daily.

When it comes time to placing the particular foods in place that you’re going to create your meals with however, there are a few key mistakes that many people are making.

While the right calorie intake will be the deciding factor as to whether or not you lose weight, the foods you eat will make a big difference on how you both look and feel as you go about the weight loss process.

Some foods are often thought to be healthy but really are anything but, so by recognizing these foods, you can make sure that you aren’t in fact including them in your weight loss meal plan.

Let’s have a look at three of these sneaky ‘health’ food culprits that you need to get out of your diet today.

Cereal Bar Healthy Foods That Derail Your ProgressLow-Fat Cereal Bars

The very first ‘healthy’ food that you should get rid of immediately is any of the low-fat cereal or granola bars that are out there.  These may claim to be low in fat, made with whole grains, and even a source of real fruit, but think twice about the validity of these claims.

While they may contain a very small amount of whole grains or a spec of real fruit, more often then not they’re primarily made with flour and sugar.

Both of these are only going to drive insulin levels up in your body and encourage body fat storage, so these are definitely not what you want to be consuming.


Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Moving on, another must-avoid food that tops our list that so many people think is healthy is fruit flavoured yogurt.  While yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein, the problem with this is that there is often over 15 grams of added sugars per serving.

If you want to maintain lower body fat levels and keep your energy level constant, you definitely do not want all this sugar in your diet plan.

Instead, go with some Greek yogurt. This variety is sugar-free and also packs in far more protein as well, making it a perfect diet food.OJ Healthy Foods That Derail Your Progress

Orange Juice

Third we have juice.  Many people down a glass of juice in the morning, thinking that they’re helping to reach their 5-10 per day. Smart move, right?

Wrong.  The problem here is that juice is very devoid of fiber content which you would get if you had had the real fruit and the juice is also very calorie dense.  For that same glass of juice that you just drank you’d have to consume two to three full oranges, and which would provide you with greater feelings of fullness?

If you want to maintain a lower calorie diet, juice has got to go.

So there are three ‘healthy’ foods that are actually moving you further away from the results that you hope to achieve.  Were any of these included in your diet?

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