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Your Best Boot Camp Pre-Workout Meals

yogurt and granola Your Best Boot Camp Pre Workout MealsIf you’re all ready to get started with boot camp training, it’s vital that you’re putting some serious thought and consideration into what you’re going to eat beforehand.  By fueling your body properly using good nutrition about half an hour to one hour before the boot camp is to begin, you can rest assured that you’re going to maximize all the potential benefits that this class offers your body.

What’s more is that those who are fueling themselves properly are going to push a lot harder in each class and since hard work is what lends to results, you will make leaps and gains when you’re eating right.

Let’s go over a few smart pre-workout meals that you should use when doing your boot camp workouts.

Yogurt and Granola

If you’re fan of yogurt, this will make for a quick source of protein to take in before you head off to do the boot camp.  Since it will still be slightly lower in carbohydrates, pair it with some low-fat granola to give your body the nutrients it needs.

If you can, try and prepare your own homemade granola using a combination of cereals, honey, and a small amount of cinnamon for added flavor if you desire. This allows you to ensure that you’re not getting any excess sugars or fats that some of the commercial granola’s contain.

Tuna Wrap

Second, you can’t go wrong with a tuna wrap before your boot camp workout.  This is quick, convenient, and can even be eaten in the car on the way to the class.  Simply spread a can of tuna in one whole wheat wrap and top with a few of your favorite veggies.

Just avoid any high fat condiments while preparing this snack as those will quickly add up and make the meal take too long to digest.  The last thing you want while going about your workout program is indigestion and this will easily help solve that issue.

Cottage Cheese With Fruit

Third, cottage cheese with fruit makes for another fantastic meal choice and will also give you a nice boost of calcium as well.  Choose lower fat varieties of cottage cheese and then top with some strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries for flavor and added carbs.

Pasta and Chicken

Forth, if you’re a pasta fan, now is the time to have it.  Pasta will provide you with a readily usable source of energy throughout the entire class and the chicken provides the amino acids that your muscles need.

Use a tomato based sauce over a cream one however in order to cut down on the total fat that’s found in the dish.

Protein Powder and Oats

Finally, if you’re stuck with boot camp in only twenty minutes and need something very fast and lightweight, you can’t go wrong with some protein powder and oatmeal.  Simply combine some protein powder with eight ounces of water or some juice and then toss in the oats.  Raw oats will work very nicely in this and then require no cooking at all.

If you are someone who prefers them cooked though, then you can easily prepare them according to the package directions and then stir your whey protein powder in once they’re finished.  Either way you’re guaranteed good nutrition that will fuel you through your boot camp workout.

So be sure that you keep these ideas in mind. Don’t go into your boot camp class without fueling yourself otherwise you’ll only be giving half your effort.

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