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Why Boot Camp Workouts Trump Regular Workouts

DSC00245 e1283483754417 Why Boot Camp Workouts Trump Regular Workouts

Taken in Legoland! I had to use this pic. This is on a rooftop in the New York Display!

Thinking of joining a boot camp?  Or, are you simply curious about what these sessions have to offer that your regular gym workout doesn’t?  If the truth is told boot camp workouts offer numerous advantages over you plain old gym sessions and by not taking part in them, you really are missing out on a great opportunity to further enhance your fitness and health level.

Let’s have a brief look at why you must give boot camp workouts a try if you want to take your body up a notch.

Greater Agility Training

If you’re also involved in any form of sports training, you will without a doubt want to make use of these boot camp classes.  Boot camp classes are going to really test your overall agility ability since they are going to call for many movements where you’re changing directions rapidly or performing activities that incorporate the use of exercise balls or other innovative pieces of equipment.

All of this will then translate over to your performance in the field allowing you to play better than you ever have before.

Faster Fat Burning

Second, one of the biggest reasons most people join and stick with their boot camp training program is because of the amazing fat burning benefits they get.  In a usual workout you’re going to do an exercise and rest.  Do an exercise and rest.  And so on and so on.  While this can be effective for boosting your overall levels of strength, in a boot camp workout class you’ll be performing a number of exercises one right after another.

What’s more is that unlike your typical circuit training program, usually these exercises include a variety of movements from strength based movements to cardiovascular based movements so you’ll be able to push harder in each type of exercise you do.

If you are just doing strength movements compounded together eventually the muscles will fatigue but by going between strength and cardio movements, you get over this issue.

Improved Conditioning And Stamina

Third, another thing that you’ll notice when joining a boot camp class is that you experience far better stamina and cardiovascular conditioning.  If you’re often becoming winded walking up the stairs or on your two mile run, do a boot camp class for a couple of weeks.

Before you know it you’ll be running two to three miles with ease since your cardiovascular fitness has improved so much.

Better Balance

Finally, the last benefit that boot camp classes have over your typical gym workouts is that they are better for improving your overall balance abilities as well.

Having a good level of balance is important for not only making everyday tasks easier but also to help prevent injuries.

Just like with the agility component, since you will be thrown off balance for many of the exercises included during your boot camp training sessions, you’ll see marked improvements in this very quickly.

If the particular boot camp you’re attending makes use of exercise balls and bosu balls, you know that a big component is dedicated towards increasing your balance ability.

So, as you can see, the benefits that boot camps offer are incredibly numerous and by taking part in just a few classes each week, you will reap all of these and more.

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