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Five Ways To Prep For Your Boot Camp

freedomfitnessbootcamp017 Five Ways To Prep For Your Boot CampAfter you’ve made the decision to join a boot camp class, it’s going to be very vital that you’re taking the time to plan out what you’ll do right beforehand to ensure that you’re getting on track to seeing optimum progress.

Let’s go over five things that you should be focused on right before you head into your boot camp.

Proper Nutrition

The very first thing that you must do when you’re gearing up to head to your boot camp class is to make sure you put proper fuel into your body for the workout ahead.  Ideally you’ll want to choose foods that are a mix of proteins and carbohydrates with little dietary fat added in as this will just slow down your progress entirely.

Always aim for a lighter meal of around 200-300 calories so you’ll have enough energy but won’t feel weighted down.

Perform A Thorough Warm-Up

Second, In some cases the boot camp you’re in may be including a warm-up right with the program but more often than not, you’ll find that you’re entirely responsible for the warm-up yourself.  You never want to enter the boot camp without doing a warm-up because this will place you at a much higher risk for injury.

Plus, since there isn’t a lot of blood running through the body tissues, you’ll find that you aren’t able to put forth nearly the same amount of effort as you usually would.

Get Motivated

Third, always make sure you take some time to get motivated.  At times it can be difficult to peel yourself off the couch or away from whatever else you’re doing to get that boot camp workout in, but just know that you’ll almost always feel better afterwards if you do.

You can be guaranteed that the personal trainer who is teaching the boot camp is expecting you to be there as well so use that as a motivational push if necessary.  Or, you may want to come up with a few of your own motivation strategies such as listening to music or looking at a list of reasons you’ve made out for why you want to be doing the boot camp in the first place.

Get Your Post-Workout Nutrition In Line

Forth, make sure that you are getting your post-workout nutrition in line as well.  While you must always fuel your body going into the boot camp, seeing good nutrition after the workout is also vital for fast recovery and muscular repair.

Again choose something that contains protein along with some fast acting carbohydrates so these can get into the muscle tissues as fast as possible.

Set Some Goals

Finally, be sure that you set some goals. Each boot camp class that you enter you should have something outlined that states what you hope to achieve while you do it.  This is going to really go a long way towards ensuring that you make continued progress throughout the program and push your body harder than you ever have before.

So there you have all the main things that you must know if you’re going to see results from your boot camp.  Being prepared is going to allow you to go into the class worry-free knowing that you’re making one huge step forward as far as your overall health and fitness is concerned.

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