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Why Your Exercise Routine Isn’t Working

Something isn’t quite right about your exercise routine. You’re about to find out what it is.

You don’t go to the gym to hang out. You’re there to get fit, to feel better, and to gain more energy to get through your stressful day. So why is it not working? Here are a few common reasons your body may not be responding how you want it to after a good hour or two at the gym.

Your Body Has Peaked

body4 Why Your Exercise Routine Isn’t WorkingIf you’ve been working out for a while and have stopped seeing the results you saw during the first few weeks, your body may have hit its peak. This happens most often when you perform the same exercises over and over, day after day, without any change in your routine. But don’t worry – you can get past this problem with relative ease. All you have to do is add some variety and spice into your routine. For example, joining a 6 week Fit Camp! I just happen to have one starting on Tuesday July 21st! Check it out here

Another easy way to do this is by changing the type of weights you use. If you usually workout exclusively with plate weights, grab some dumbbells – or better yet, kettlebells. If that isn’t enough to get your body to start responding to gym time, talk with a personal trainer about new exercises to sprinkle into your regimen for continual improvement. I am always available by email (love my Blackberry!).

You’re Not Committed

Many people get frustrated with their gym routines only to realize they aren’t spending enough time in the gym to see any noticeable difference. And while you may spend hours each day thinking about how you need to get in the gym, thinking isn’t doing. Yes, the right mindset will improve your physical fitness and help you push your body in the gym, but you’ve got to be in the gym to actually push your body.

If you’re spending two hours in the gym every day but leave without any results, you may be committed to visiting the gym, but not using the gym. When working out, make sure you’re giving 100 percent the entire time. That doesn’t mean you have to lift hundreds of pounds with each repetition, but you should be focused, using proper posture and moving from one exercise to the next without a 20-minute water break between each set.

Your Diet Doesn’t Mesh

Working out regularly is a must if you’re going to obtain optimal fitness. But if you think you can eat whatever you want on your way to good health, think again. Your exercise routine is only as good as your diet. Therefore, eating a healthy diet is essential to making the most of your gym time.

In fact, if you don’t eat healthily, you probably won’t feel up to pushing yourself in the gym, making it even harder to reap the rewards you so desperately want. To make sure your gym time is well spent, you may need to modify your diet to include more fresh fruits and vegetables, fewer late-night snacks, and more lean protein sources, such as lean meat and peanut butter.

You Can’t See

If you’re like many people, you may be your worst critic. While everyone around you is gawking at how good you look, you wish you could lose three more pounds and another inch or two from your waist. How do you get over this problem? With a diary.

When you begin working out, keep track of your routine, noting repetitions, weight lifted, and time spent on the treadmill. Over time, you will certainly notice an improvement in your endurance, strength, and overall fitness – even if your waistline isn’t the tiny circle you think it ought to be. Keeping track of fitness in this way helps you keep a healthy tab on your improvements over time and will keep you committed to the gym and a healthy diet!

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