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Healthy, Immediate Weight Loss

Is there a magic pill to take away your extra pounds without putting your health at risk?

Losing lots of weight fast is a very common dream. Chased by many, caught by few, fast weight loss seems to always come at a price – your long-term good health. But is there a way to trim off extra pounds quickly without compromising the integrity of your entire body? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Read on to find your way to fast and healthy weight loss.

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One of the most extreme ways to shed pounds overnight is to push yourself to the limit at the gym for hours at a time. If you hit the weight room and elliptical machines for two hours and run three miles each day, you’re going to lose weight. Only eat enough calories to refuel your body and you’re going to lose even more. Within a week, this strict diet and exercise regiment could result in losing as many as 20 pounds.

Since you probably don’t have that much time to devote to the gym and you may not have a physician who can monitor your every workout to ensure you don’t hurt yourself more than help yourself, you’ll probably need to try something else. Fortunately, you can lose pounds fast without having medical assistance by your side the entire time.

Watch What You Eat

The first way to lose weight quickly on your own is to watch what you eat. Any extra calories have to go – especially if those calories are crammed into a candy bar. And if you think those late-night snacks aren’t doing you any damage, think again! Review every single bite you take and only cling to those morsels of food that benefit your body.

The easiest way to avoid eating excessive, unhealthy, useless calories is to stick to all things lean. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats should fill your diet, you should stay far from starches, and your diet should contain fewer calories. Just be careful that you don’t eat so little that your body can’t function properly. Also, try to get protein in every meal, which will help your body burn more fat and hang on to muscle.

Get Fit

Keeping an eye on your food intake and reducing your food intake will result in a few pounds here and there, but rapid weight loss requires some serious exercising. No, you don’t have to bench press 300 pounds 25 times every day. But you do have to work out every day for about an hour.

However, your hour of exercise should be performed at a moderate pace. The long, drawn-out hour of exercise may seem like a long time to do moderate exercise, but keeping your body moving consistently for that long will reap long-term benefits. And instead of lying under a bar for your workout, make the majority of your routine cardio. After you meet your weight goal, add some strength training, which will help you maintain a healthy weight for years to come.

Fast and Furious

Need some more help losing weight on the quick? Use these fast-and-furious tips to beat your weight into submission.

  • Go to the gym twice a day for 30 minutes or more. This way you get in a full hour of working out without having to commit one big chunk of time at once. If you go for an hour each time, you’ll move toward your weight-loss goals even faster!
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps you feel full and allows your body to sweat more, which is another way to lose some quick weight.
  • Only eat when you’re sitting at a table. Otherwise, you’ll wind up eating lots of calories that you don’t recall. Sit down and take your time so you’ll really know what you eat each day.
  • Always make new goals. If you want to shed 10 pounds in two weeks, don’t stop exercising when you meet this goal. Set another goal to grow stronger, faster, and healthier, and keep up the good work!

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