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Can Exercise Be Fun?

Or are kids the only ones who get to smile while getting fit?

Everybody wants to have fun. It’s relaxing, stimulating, and downright well…fun! So what is it about exercise that seems to make adults stand up straight and pull out their serious faces? Shouldn’t exercise be fun for you just like it is for your kids? Yes, it should. And yes, it can. Here’s how.

Grab a Friend

body4 Can Exercise Be Fun?To some extent, exercise is a very individual endeavor. Each time you lift a weight, sprint down the court, or swim a lap, you’re improving your body and no one else’s. However, if you’re interested in keeping up your routine and having some fun while you’re at it, nothing makes it easier than having a friend by your side.

While choosing a workout partner, look for someone whose goals are the same as yours. You don’t want someone who is going to back out three weeks into your new exercise relationship. You should look for someone with a good sense of humor and a dedication to getting plenty of time in the gym every week. If possible, find someone who is used to working out more regularly than you. This way, you’ll be challenged to get to the gym more often, knowing your workout partner will be there to cheer you on.

Pump up the Jams

Feel your work out drags on forever? Watch the clock in great anticipation of when your 30 minutes on the treadmill is over? Stop doing soundless exercises. Instead, go home and build a soundtrack for your workout routine. With MP3 players now available, you can carry an entire library of music in the palm of your hand, transforming your workout from dull and lifeless to something inspirational that also happens to have a great beat.

To make sure your routine goes as rockin’ as planned, only put great songs on your MP3 – songs that have a driving beat and make you want to push yourself a little bit harder for a little bit longer. If you’d like to work your brain while working your body, you can download audio books or tune into a variety of podcasts on practically any topic you choose. Whether you want to catch up on politics, sports, comic books, or antiques, you can find a podcast with expert opinion to keep your mind moving at the speed of exercise.

Try Different Things

As a kid, everything you did was new and exciting: every tree you climbed, every game of hide-and-seek, every game of basketball. You were constantly trying out new ways to do old activities, adding mystery and learning to what would otherwise be a dull and unmemorable event. When you became an adult, the idea of trying new things became tedious. You stopped having time to learn new things, and as long as things worked as they are, you saw no reason to change.

But this “don’t-fix-it-unless-it’s-broken” attitude can damage your exercise routine. Instead of getting in a stagnant regiment without flexibility, actively seek out new exercises that could stretch your limits and your imagination. Doing this will bring new excitement to your exercise routine that you haven’t had in years. Before you know it, you’ll be anxious to hit the gym once again.

Let the Fun Begin!

In recent years, a number of people have been leading a movement toward exercise disguised as childhood fun. For these people, walking on the treadmill and lifting heavy barbells and dumbbells isn’t appealing. However, they still want to stay in shape, so they’ve modified their routines to be nothing but fun.

If you’re one of these people, you’re not alone! And you don’t have to go far to find likeminded people. In fact, you probably live and work with some of them. To get some exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, ask your family members and friends if they’d like to get in on a kickball game, an afternoon of kayaking in a local lake, or a day of hiking and tree climbing. After one afternoon of exercise fun, you’ll probably want to mix in your new fun routine with a more strenuous and focused work out in the gym, and your overall good health will reap the rewards!

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