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I did it….finally!!

November 9, 2011

Here I am finally completing full muscle ups! This was a goal of mine a few years ago but I have only been training seriously for the past few months trying to achieve these! The first part of the video is a heavy chin up, the reason for these is to buid some strength! My […]

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My Daughter!

October 16, 2011

Am I impressed?! To say the very least YES!! We were simply playing at the park this weekend and as always my daughter was playing on the monkey bars (she’s always been unusually good at them!) and I got the idea in my head to teach her how to do a chinup. This was her […]

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Example Routine #1

April 24, 2011

A lot of my clients ask me what kind of workout routines I personally do, so I thought that instead of telling them I would show them! This particular routine I would do three full rounds with no rest for time. Variables to increase or decrease the difficulty would include amount or reps and resistance. […]

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Healthy Foods That Derail Your Progress

March 8, 2011

  Healthy Foods That Derail Your Progress – Dieter Beware!     If you’re on a weight loss diet plan, there’s no question that you’ve taken the time to plan out your calorie intake and likely also determined exactly how much protein, carbs, and fats you should be taking in daily. When it comes time […]

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KPT Supplements is finally here!!!

February 21, 2011

Hey Everyone!! As you may or may not have known, I have been working on setting up my very own supplement store to better serve and help you reach your fitness goals! Well the time has finally come and my new online supplement store is up and running! You can check it out here You […]

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